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The purpose of Kokkinakis Consultants is to provide education and guidance to the Optometry profession at both a clinical and business level and to independently help the optical industry better service Optometry.

What has become clear in the optical industry is that independent optometry is frustrated with its position in the market place. It has become difficult to differentiate its services from the Optical Chains and Health Fund Eye Centres. The internet is slowly eroding our contact lenses. The next step will be to direct our patients to affiliated practitioners.

There are many ways of positioning your practice. We invite you to try our methods. Kokkinakis Consultants provides services tailor made to the individual practitioner. We link Clinical techniques with successful Business formulas. Please visit our services list and get a flavour or better still register for one or all of our upcoming seminars to experience first hand what is possible.


"Standing out from the crowd is important in any competitive endeavour, Optometry and the eyecare market is no different.
Jim and Nicole will show you how."

James Sleeman (Gosford, NSW)



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This Month's Product Review!

The Impression Lens Family from Rodenstock.

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