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Monthly Newsletter - Tips & Reviews. Volume 2. July 2005

Business Tip: More on Staff

More on staff this month.  Why?  We are only as good as our staff allow us to be.  Last Month we introduced the concept of delegation.  This month we will expand further on staff responsibilty.
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Porsche frames position our practice to the business professional.
Get your patients to test drive this premium product.  It's success in our practice has amazed us.

Therapeutic Review: Glaucoma

One of the most useful services you can provide is to make sure your patients are complying with their glaucoma medications.  With this goes the understanding of the common side effects that glaucoma medications can cause.
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XALATAN eye drops for treatment of high eye pressure

free trial pair

Product Review: Contact Lens Disinfectant
Ciba Vision has just released the next generation contact lens disinfection system.  We have used it and now it is our product of choice.
Read on and find out why.






Business Tips: More on Staff

Running an efficient, functional business is dependant on every staff member.  We have found that breaking up the business into sections and giving one staff member responsibility for each section keeps staff inspired and wanting to perform.

Examples of optometry sections are:

  • Frame Design
  • Lens Design
  • Contact Lenses
  • Customer Service
  • Premises
  • Accounting & Legal
  • Internal Marketing
  • External Marketing

Each section has a different staff member that is responsible.  It does not mean that they do everything in that section.  For example the staff member that is responsible for Premises makes sure that the cleaners come in every week, it does not mean that they actually clean the practice.  They are responsible for making sure that tissues are available in designated places.  In this case they actually perform the task as it is the most efficient way to make sure this occurs.  

A different staff member is responsible for internal marketing.  If a newsletter is to be sent to a group of patients, it is up to the internal marketing person to either create the flyer or outsource it to a mailing house depending on how big they perceive the project.  Every staff member works within a budget, so it is not as if they have free reign with spending.

The key to this system is that you will come in on any morning and not feel that the premises need cleaning.  The reason is that it has all happened seamlessly in the background.  It is a fantastic feeling not to have your mind congested with every piece of activity that is going on within the practice.  It leaves space in the proprietors mind to be creative and design new projects.  If you are thinking about changing the light globes and whether the rent has been paid, it doesn't leave any space to try and bring in new business.  No wonder the average practice owner feels like they are putting out bush fires all day.

Register for Business 2005(coming soon). We will concentrate on staff and take home business tips that are bound to increase your efficiency and your bottom line.


Recognise your staffs effort!


Therapeutic Review: Glaucoma - Compliance & Common Side Effects

This topic is extremely important to the successful management of your patients.  As ocular therapeutics becomes more & more common amongst optometrists, it will be our responsibility to educate our treated patients on how to use their medications effectively and to be aware of the possible side effects that could occur.



Compliance with any medication needs constant monitoring by the prescribing and co-managing practitioner.  One of the simplest things to implement is to maximise the absorption of any topical medication.  I request that upon instillation of the eye drop the patient keeps their eyelids closed and that they refrain from blinking for at least one minute.  This achieves two things:

  1. The drop is not flushed out of the eye through the puncta and stays in contact with the eye.
  2. It minimises systemic absorption and therefore minimises systemic side-effects.  This is especially important with beta blockers like Timoptol, which can affect breathing and heart rate.

The lipid-receptor agonists are probably the first choice in treating glaucoma these days.  They are usually the first choice because of the safety profile, their effectiveness in reducing IOP and because they are only required to be used once a day, therefore improving compliance.

Lipid receptor agonists that are prescribed are:

  • Xalatan(Latanoprost), Travatan(Travoprost), Lumigan(Bimatoprost)

Common side effects are:

  • Conjunctival hyperaemia
  • Increased iris pigmentation
  • Eye lash growth

Less common side effects are:

  • Anterior uveitis and cystoid macula oedema

It is important to be aware of the possible side effects that can affect your patients.  You will not only improve the success of the treatment but also impress the patient.  Often practitioners do not go to the trouble of educating.  It is not uncommon that the prescribing ophthalmologist has not discussed the issues related to the medication.  I am then perceived as the more important practitioner, as I have diagnosed the condition, referred them for treatment and then explained the treatment.

Next month I will discuss the Beta Blockers and the side effects to watch out for.

Glaucoma deserves a whole days seminar. Register for Glaucoma 2005 or for Ocular Therapeutics 2006 , which will comprehensively cover its management and the implementation of procedures and instrumentation to make it a very profitable component of your clinical practice.

Porsche frames position our practice to the business professional.
Get your patients to test drive this premium product.  It's success in our practice has amazed us

Product Review: Contact Disinfectant

Aquify TM represents a significant and exciting breakthrough in contact lens disinfection. We all understand the importance of contact lens hydration and that lenses dehydrating on eyes is one of the major causes of contact lens drop out.

  • Ciba claims that the combination of Sorbitol - a humectant that is moisture binding and Dexpanthenol (ProVitamin B5) - moisturing agent creates the HYDROLOCK TM Effect.
  • Ciba also claims that Aquify is preferable 4:1 over Complete, but I have not yet read the data on file and I prefer not to comment on studies that have not been published and peer reviewed.
  • What has convinced me to date that Aquify needs to be my first choice in contact lens disinfection is in fact the Microblock TM antibacterial lens case.
  • It is common knowledge amongst practitioners that the major source of contact lens contamination is the case.

  • Once mentioned to a patient that this is the first solution that incorporates an antibacterial case, it is virtually 100% successful in them switching.
  • To date patients that have switched have found Aquify is comfortable. I have used Aquify with more than 100 patients now and have only encountered one true hypersensitivity reaction.
  • This disinfection solution when sold in the 3 month option has increased our solution sales overnight. Selling solutions does not represent a major portion of our turnover but when presented appropriately has added another $10,000 to our bottom line. We cannot afford to lose this business to chemists. Ciba has initially distributed Aquify through optmetrists.  We now have 12 months to take advantage of this position.



O2Optix Website

CIBA Vision's unique O2OPTIX material, lotrafilcon B, contains 33% water, with a permanent surface treatment to assure wettability for comfort and a surface that is resistant to deposits. It is the healthy choice for daily or occasional over-night wear.




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