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Optometrical Practice Management Newsletter - Tips & Reviews. Volume 9. October 2006

More on Customised Spectacles :

To date there is only one computerised measuring device for customised multifocals. This is made by Carl Zeiss (Relaxed Vision Terminal) and I can tell you its amazing. Like anything though it has limitations and the price last time I looked, was significant. The main issue for me though was not the price but the cubersome process in taking measurements.

Recently Rodenstock has released their measuring device in Europe and it is beyond amazing. To get the measurements of pantoscopic tilt, mono pd's, frame form angle, vertex distance etc. The Zeiss RVT requires two photos and the fitting of a measuring device on top of the chosen frame before results can be acheived. The Rodenstock device (ImpresssionIST) seems to be a much more functional and efficient instrument.

It has a four-in-one functionality:

A two camera 3D video centration system, which does not require any additional measuring device to take all the measurements. From what I gather by using two cameras it triangulates to capture all the calculations.

A consulting program to help in selection of frames and value add extras.

It can capture an image of the patient and then be used to demonstrate various eyewear options. These can be printed and issued to the patient to show family and friends.

An interactive terminal that any browsing patient can use with the touch screen.

This stand-alone yet networkable instrument complements the optical area beautifully. Apparently it will be close to half the price of the Zeiss RVT unit. Have a look at the image on the left. Installing this in your practice will create interest and the customised lenses will sell themselves.

After seeing the demonstration I basically ordered a unit on the spot. Unfortunately I have to wait for December for it to be delivered.

It is obvious once again that investing in new technology like this, will pay for itself many times over. As patient satisfaction increases, so does your profitability. Remakes are also likely to be significantly lower, as the accuracy of this type of device takes the manufacturing of spectacle lenses to another level.

If you are interested in further exploring this new device, email:

Theo Scherg (Rodenstock's Managing Director)



Therapeutic Tip: Eye drops...what are we putting into people's eyes?

  • This article is a must read for any optometrist interested in ocular therapeutics.
  • The use of topical eye medications is almost accepted as normal by both patients and practitioners throughout the world. The request for drops as a remedy is routine by patients with any ocular condition from red eye to irritated eye. A “cure” in a bottle!

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