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Optometrical Practice Management Newsletter - Tips & Reviews. Volume 2. February 2007

Business Tip: Excellence in Clinical Expertise

I just got back from a brilliant meeting "Global keratoconus Congress 2007", which was held in Las Vegas. For those that do not know, keratoconus and its sequelae are one of my passions, so attending this meeting was not negotiable. To succeed in any profession today we need to excel in three areas:

1. Clinical Expertise

2. Business Acumen

3. Implementation of Technology

Over the course of the next few months I will break down these three key areas.

As far as clinical expertise is concerned do you do the bare minium in continuing education, or is it your hobby? Our profession is fascinating and extensive. By attending more meetings than we are forced to attend I believe you increase your passion for your work, which then is noticed by your patients. Your business depends on your enthusiasm. Your choice is to either just turn up, or turn up and enjoy your experience with every unique person thats sits in your consulting chair. By exceling in clinical expertise you will start to really involve yourself with each patient encounter and solve problems that they realise they have and others that they were not even aware of.

For those interested in keratoconus click on the image above. You can even order audio CDs of the whole event - it was a great conference.

Product Review: Rodenstock launches ColorMatic 1.6

Aesthetics and Comfort at the Highest Level The ColorMatic lens assortment from Rodenstock is again very convincing due to the diversity of colours and indices, on the one hand, and the high technical performance on the other. In seconds, the lenses adjust to changing light conditions, they provide outstanding UV protection for the
eyes up to 400 nm, and they have a very long service life. With the warm colours of brown, grey, and green, the right tint is available for everybody. At the same time, the ColorMatic lenses from Rodenstock are extremely convenient to process thanks to their outstanding properties during grinding, drilling, and grooving, and they are suitable for all types of frames with no restrictions. The outstanding performance in all relevant areas positions ColorMatic from Rodenstock as a top photochromatic product in a very convincing way.

Fast and Aesthetic
The company has completed the range of photochromatic lenses with an index value of 1.6. These lenses are light, aesthetic, and simultaneously very durable. For particularly demanding customers who value both aesthetics as well as high technology, ColorMatic with an index value of 1.6 is a real find. Thin, elegant lenses provide fast tinting and lightening in almost double reaction speeds.

Longest Service Life
Besides speed, the service life is also an important quality feature for photochromatic lenses because UV radiation attacks the photochromatic molecules in the lens in the medium term. Rodenstock offers the antiaging factor, which is unique worldwide. Thanks to a special manufacturing procedure, Rodenstock ColorMatic lenses age slower and still have powerful photochromism even after three years of permanent use.

The Widest Range of Colours
Another plus is the wide range of colours, which offers the right colour for everyone. A warm brown (8-85% in index 1.54 and 10-85% in index 1.6 and 1.67) calms and motivates at the same time and increases the contrast when it is in a darkened state. A cool grey (8-85% in index 1.54 and 10-90% in index 1.6 and 1.67) provides absolutely natural colour reproduction and is therefore more neutral and balanced. Green (8-85%
in index 1.54) is very contrast enhancing and has a soothing and relaxing effect. The unique ColorMatic Contrast orange lenses (40-85%, now new in index 1.54), which have been registered for a patent, are permanently contrast enhancing over the entire tinting range and consequently ideally suited for active outdoor athletes.

For further information please contact:

Anne Guethoff, Marketing Manager

Phone: 02 9748 0988


Therapeutic Tip: Eyelid Aesthetics
                            ... can you advise your patients about their options?
  • More and more I am noticing that patients are enquiring about the cosmetics of their eyes and eyelids.
  • This is the second oculoplastic discussion on "softeners & fillers". Download the full article below.
  • In today's competitive eye market it is important for our patients to feel comfortable in asking us about anything that might be eye related.
  • Just like laser refractive surgery, patients are quite likely to be thinking about eyelid enhancement but would never think of asking you.
  • Why not bring it up with the patient and demonstrate to them that if they think eyes, they think optometry.
  • Don't let them seek aesthetic eyelid correction through magazines and advertisements.

DOWNLOAD the Eyelid Aesthetics discussion here

Read this for Dr Anthony Maloof's biography

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Suite 13, Level 9, William Bland Building, 229-231 Macquarie St Sydney 2000

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Rodenstock has just launched its new ColorMatic 1.6.

The outstanding performance in all relevant areas positions the ColorMatic range as a top photochromatic product.


For More information click here




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