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Optometrical Practice Management Newsletter - Tips & Reviews. Volume 7. July 2007

Business Tip: Excellence in Optometrical Practice

This month we move on to "Business Acumen ".

Business Acumen is what we are not taught in optometry school. It is fundamental to success though. Many professionals burn out over time because they either do not understand basic business principles or do not realise how important they are to be on top of.

Business acumen can broken up into a number of distinct sections. Every section is important to the overall picture.

They are:

      1. Management

      This is about the processes and the people in the business.

      2. Financials

This is NOT about getting your GST done. If you wait for the year end profit and loss from your accountant, you are up to 20 months behind the pulse of the practice. This section is about tracking your business at least quarterly.

3. Marketing

This is about communicating to your most desired patient profile. To do this you need to be clear on what the ideal patient is and what communication channels they are likely to respond to.


4. Attracting new patients

New business must firstly replace the patients we naturally lose due to relocation before we have any chance of growing the business further.

5.Selling to existing patients

Once the patient is in the consulting room we need to recommend what the patient wants and needs.

6. Patient fulfillment

OK so they have purchased from us. Why should they come back for more?

7. Leadership

This ties it all together. Without leadership, it is a ship without a rudder (forgive the cliche).

Over the next few issues we will expand on the different sections and it will become obvious that all sections are as important as the other.

Business acumen is not only important for the proprietor but also the employee optometrist. If the employee optometrist can be more profitable for the practice, the proprietor can afford to reward the employee at a higher rate.

Over the course of the next few months I challenge both employees and employers to work together in creating a working environment that is rewarding for all.


Email me if you would like to implement

"Excellence in Optometrical Practice" into your business



A cost effective program of hurdling the challenges of optometrical practice and rekindling your passion for your profession is only an email away.

You can email me at:


Therapeutic Tip: Riboflavin for progressive keratoconus

This month Dr Gerard Sutton describes the use of this innovative treatment for progressive keratoconus. Previously he described Intacs.

Riboflavin has had extensive use overseas and has proven to be a useful treatment. At last we can find out precisely where it fits in the keratoconus treatment regimen.

Download Dr Sutton's Riboflavin paper here

Read this for Dr Gerard Sutton's biography


Dr Sutton would welcome your enquiries at:


Phone: 02 9424 9999

Address: 3rd Floor, 270 Victoria Avenue

              Chatswood NSW 2067





Last month I discussed the advantages of the Humphrey Matrix. From the number of downloads and questions I received, it was obvious that interest was high.

For those that did not manage to read the article, here it is again.

Glaucoma Case Report using the Zeiss Humphrey Matrix

If you are not convinced, ODMA is coming up. Have a look at it or ask Carl Zeiss Instruments to have the instrument for a trial; you will not send it back!

Carl Zeiss Instruments

Phone: 1300 365 470

Go to the Matrix Website here






“Rodenstock is releasing its brand new individual progressive lens Impression FreeSign at ODMA

Find out how The Eye Practice is going with the new product in the next newsletters.”

For further information please contact:

Anne Guethoff, Marketing Manager

Phone: 02 9748 0988





Information Technology & Optometry

If you want to invest in new technology you must have a solid computer system to make sure that the use of the technology is efficient. Having a solid computer network for an optometry practice is way beyond the average optometrist's skill set. That's where Richard Rees comes in.


Richard Rees works for They are specialists in Information Technology solutions. Phone Richard on

1 300 553 559

Visit Lookup for all your IT needs                           



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