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Optometrical Practice Management Newsletter - Tips & Reviews. Volume 6. June 2007

Business Tip: Excellence in Optometrical Practice

This month we talk about “Clinical Expertise”

A significant part of being a good optometrist is being a good clinician. Clinical expertise is one of the areas that we must "Excel" in. The following are the clinical areas we could choose to focus on:

Continuing education

It keeps you:



–Networked with your peers & industry

–At the cutting edge of technology



-Contact Lenses

-Behavioural Optometry



-Work for an Ophthalmologist


Do some or all of these:

-Join the Contact Lens Society

-Ocular therapeutic course

-Master of Optometry

-Ask your local ophthalmologist to observe patients and surgery

-Do a Fellowship of The American Academy of Optometry


Subscribe to:


–Review of Optometry

–Contact Lens Spectrum

Subscribe to:

Internet Newsletters

–Optometric Physician

–Optometric Glaucoma Society Newsletter

–Optometric Retinal Society Newsletter

Do you keep up to date with clinical studies

Are you familiar with?

–The “OHTS” study

–The “AREDS” study

–The “LAST” Study

–What role does Avastin and Lucentis play in ARMD

Next month we will discuss business acumen. This is an area we were never educated in, but which is extremely important. There are seven areas that will require discussion.

Email me if you would like to implement

"Excellence in Optometrical Practice" into your business



Instrument Review: The Zeiss Humphrey Matrix

A few weeks ago I attended the SRC in Melbourne and as usual every opportunity was spent at the trade display. The speed of technological advances in diagnostic instrumentation means that companies are leapfrogging each other with new gadgets.

One of the most important categories is Threshold Visual Fields.

Peripheral vision assessment now has a rebatable Medicare item so every optometry practice should have a Threshold Visual Field Analyser. This category is by far the most mature, as Zeiss Humphrey released the first computerised visual field analyser in the mid 1980’s. Consequently evolutionary changes are much slower than other technologies like OCT.

Coincidentally or not Zeiss Humphrey has the optometrical instrument of choice for threshold visual fields – The Humphrey Matrix. This instrument uses Frequency Doubling Technology (FDT), which means visual field defects can be discovered up to 5 years earlier than the traditional white on white technology. I purchased the orginal FDT visual field analyser in 1999, which was best used as a screener. I still use it on all my patients before I take them in the consulting room, as the screening modality takes only 40 seconds per eye and I have the piece of mind that I have ruled out gross defects. In 2005 when the Humphrey Matrix was released to the Australian market, it was a logical purchase, as this instrument promised to pick up subtle defects - and it did, many times over. By following the link you can download a case report that beautifully illustrates how effective this instrument can be.

Glaucoma Case Report using the Zeiss Humphrey Matrix

If you are not convinced, ODMA is coming up. Have a look at it or ask Carl Zeiss Instruments to have the instrument for a trial; you will not send it back!





Therapeutic Tip: The Brow and the Upper Lid

This month Dr Anthony Maloof is back. I always look forward to the functional lid correction procedure discussions, as it is an area we do not think about in normal practice, unless the patient presents with an acute ptosis or asks us about their lid anatomy.

Download Dr Maloof's paper here

Read this for Dr Anthony Maloof's biography


Anthony would welcome your enquiries at:


Phone: 1300 303 669

Rooms (Sydney city):

Suite 13, Level 9, William Bland Building,

229-231 Macquarie St

Sydney NSW 2000

Rooms (Westmead):

Suite 7, The Ashley Centre, 1a Ashley Lane,

Westmead NSW 2145



Dramatic lid and brow improvements like this are possible. Your patients will for ever grateful when you refer them (ie assuming they are keen).

“Rodenstock is releasing its brand new individual progressive lens Impression FreeSign at ODMA

Find out how The Eye Practice is going with the new product in the next newsletters.”

For further information please contact:

Anne Guethoff, Marketing Manager

Phone: 02 9748 0988








Go to the Matrix Website here





A cost effective program of hurdling the challenges of optometrical practice and rekindling your passion for your profession is only an email away.

You can email me at:




Information Technology & Optometry

If you want to invest in new technology you must have a solid computer system to make sure that the use of the technology is efficient. Having a solid computer network for an optometry practice is way beyond the average optometrist's skill set. That's where Richard Rees comes in.


Richard Rees works for They are specialists in Information Technology solutions. Phone Richard on

1 300 553 559

Visit Lookup for all your IT needs                           



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