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Optometrical Practice Management Newsletter - Tips & Reviews. Volume 3. October 2008

Business Tip: Leadership (Part 7 of Excellence in Optometry)

This is the final part of "Excellence in Optometry". It is also the most important piece, as without appropriate Leadership your business is a rudderless ship.

Most independent optometry practices are made up of three staff:

1. The Optometrist, who is the owner.

2. An Optical Dispenser

3. A Receptionist

Typically the optometrist turns up to work, sees whatever patients turn up for an eye exam and goes home. It is expected that the optical dispenser will run the front of house retail activity and the receptionist will help out as required.

This type of business model in today's market place cannot possibly flourish. The business needs Leadership to come from the optometrist to rise above the competition and differentiate the practice.

This can only occur with careful planning, implentation, measurement and maintanence.

Leadership is about the design of this, the tranfser of the vision to the staff and to embed it into the culture of the business. Does your business have Leadership?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Does my business have a position?

2. What does it stand for?

3. Where does it expect to be in 3 - 5years?

4. Does it have a roadmap to get there?

If your practice does not have focussed clarity in these areas (including your staff) you are allowing it to just meander along. Today independent optometry is under seige. For too many years we have been immune to the competition from corporate entities. The Australian optical market is now setting up to polarize. Corporates will control the low to middle ground and the independents that have Leadership will control the premium ground.

Have you considered where you will be positioning your business?

In the next newsletter I will discuss why the independent optometrist has no choice but to position their business at the premium end of the spectrum. Have you ever heard of the "Hourglass Economy"? More on this next time.

Email me if you would like to implement

"Excellence in Optometrical Practice" into your business


Therapeutic Review: Retinal Tears & Retinal Detachments

(By Dr Andrew Chang)

Dr Andrew Chang shares with us the management of this important condition. The average optometrist will see at least a case or two per year that will require the need to diagnose and refer for treatment a retinal tear or a retinal detachment.

This discussion is longer than what we normally send, but make sure you get through it, as a primary eye care practitioner it is imperative that we understand and can manage this potentially blinding condition.

Download Chang's paper here


Read this for Dr Andrew Chang's Biography

Dr Chang would welcome your enquiries at:


Dr Andrew Chang

Sydney Retina Clinic and Day Surgery

Lvl 13, 187 Macquarie St Sydney NSW 2000

Ph: (02) 9221 3755

Stay tuned for the next newsletter.

We will discuss the "Hour Glass Economy". It will change the way you think about how to compete in the marketplace today:

















Email me if you would like to implement

"Excellence in Optometrical Practice" into your business

A cost effective program of hurdling the challenges of optometrical practice and rekindling your passion for your profession is only an email away.

You can email me at:



Information Technology & Optometry

If you want to invest in new technology you must have a solid computer system to make sure that the use of the technology is efficient. Having a solid computer network for an optometry practice is way beyond the average optometrist's skill set. That's where Richard Rees comes in.

Richard Rees works for They are specialists in Information Technology solutions. Phone Richard on

1 300 553 559

Visit Lookup for all your IT needs                           






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