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Product Review: The Impression Lens Product Family by Rodenstock

Over the course of the last year, I have been upgrading as many patients as possible to high end lenses. Apart from the fact they are more profitable, my patients use my services because they know that I will provide them with the best possible vision, the most comfortable product and do my utmost to gurantee their eye health.

All the major laboratories having been doing their best to convey to our profession that the newer high tech lenses actually do benefit our patients significantly. Our usage of antireflection coats is now greater than 95%. Lenses that we sometimes do not coat are some photochromatics and some polarized sunglass prescriptions. Virtually all our clear lenses are 1.6 index or greater with antireflection coats.

The Impression Lens Family by Rodenstock will change the perception of spectacle lenses from something that just magnify and are a commodity, to something that is customisable for the individual that values superior vision. All lenses come in 1.67 index with the superb Solitaire antireflection coating. The Impression Family is made of:

  • Impression Progressive and Impression Progressive XS

These designs cater for both a long and short corridor requirement.

See the previous review we did on this unique multifocal.

  • Impression Hyperop and Impression Hyperop XS

Often we get the hign plus patient that requires a multifocal. This customisable series caters for the +6D - +13D hyperope with up to 6D of cylinder. As we know the high plus lenses tend to restrict vision the most in a multifocal. The Impression maximises all zones for these difficult scripts.

  • Impression Mono

Aberrations are common with single vision wearers especially when larger prescription changes are required. There is no question that my patients perceive far less distortion when I prescribe this design.

  • Impression Sport

This design has been especially designed for the presbyopic sports person. A number of golfers come to mind that have praised the new spectacles on the golf course. Panaromic undistorted distance vision with a reasonable reading area. This design is also ideal for most sunglass prescriptions.

  • Impression 40 and Impression 80

These lens designs are ideal for the desk worker. The 40 is ideal for the person that has a small VDU workload, whilst the 80 is ideal for the person who is a heavy VDU user.

These lenses need to be fitted by experts. Our optical dispensers have been trained in fitting these lenses and the comments we get from our patients have proven to me that customised lenses are the way forward. Rodenstock supply a great CD that goes through the fitting procedure of these lenses.

Ask yourself this question: If you are now prescribing spectacle lenses for yourself, what would you now prescribe?

I am 44 years old and am just starting to need a reading add of about +0.75. I purposely have prescribed myself both a traditional multifocal and and Impressions multifocal both with a +2.00D add to try and maximise the distortion of what a first time multifocal wearer might feel.

Let me tell you there is no comparison. I have no trouble walking around and driving in the Impression design, whereas with the traditional multifocal design, I had no hope of managing, even though I tried it for a week straight.

Contact Sharon Smith at Rodenstock and she will send you a CD to view. Even though the fitting process is pedantic, it also goes a long way to prove to the purchaser that this is indeed a unique product. Just like it is important to make a great impression in the consulting room, it is also improtant to make a great impression in the dispensing area.

For more technical details on this series of lenses follow the links below.

Comparison of traditional lens distortions to the Impression are graphically displayed.


Link to Technical data for the Impression Range


Impression Progressive and

Impression Progressive XS

Impression Progressive Hyperop and

Impression Progressive Hyperop XS

Impression Mono


Impression Sport Impression 40 and Impression 80


Contact Rodenstock for your Impressions fitting CD




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