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Product Review:
NightMove Orthokeratology System by Gelflex Laboratories

Gelflex Laboratories

"Orthokeratology is the most profitable procedure in Optometry today!":

Gary Gerber (Optometrist)GOS 2000. This quote definitely still applies today and will in the foreseeable future.

Apart from being profitable orthokeratology is fun and a specialty service that possibly slows downs or even stops the progression of myopia. A couple of months ago I was in Chicago for the Global Orthokeratology Symposium. For years we have suspected that myopia does not progress when orthokeratology is performed. Obviously this is anecdotal but theories are eventually proven or disproven by a hypothesis. At this years symposium Earl Smith (3rd) and Pauline Cho presented some amazing data to move us another step closer to proving this hypothesis.

These studies were so profound in my eyes that maybe I can see the day when if a child presents to your office and is a -1.00D myope and you do not recommend orthokeratology you might be liable with professional negligence. Explaining the studies in detail in this newsletter are well beyond its scope and space, but I guarantee you, it deserves your attention. Especially in an era where we are seeing an epidemic of myopia due to the environmental influence of computer screens and indoor activity.

Orthokeratology has been part of my practice since 1995, when John Mountford introduced the concept to 30 practitioners from around Australia (myself included). We have come forward in leaps and bounds since then.

Currently there are a number of great orthokeratology lenses such as John Mountford's BE lenses, the CRT system by Paragon, The Emerald lenses and the Contex lenses just to mention a few.

I am using the NightMove series designed by the famous orthokeratologist Roger Tabb OD. and manufactured by Gelflex laboratories in Perth. I have chosen this design because it is available in a 100 lens diagnostic and inventory set.  The first trial lens is straight off the flattest K and the refractive power we need to achieve. You then teach the patient insertion and removal and schedule an appointment the next morning. Usually at least 70% of the refractive error has been achieved on the first morning. Within a week we have a stable plano refraction all day.

Recently we conducted an all day workshop to introduce orthoK into the average optometrist's practice. We will be conducting another in the new year. Register your interest here for next years OrthoK Workshop 2006. Type OrthoK 2006 in the subject.

For those that cannot make the workshop on a Sunday I also have a downloadable version, which includes complimentary questions via email and mentoring through your first orthokeratology case. If you are interested in this remote learning option register your interest here. Type OrthoK Downloadable in the subject.


You will notice the base curve is flatter than the cornea but in fact does not touch the cornea. There is always at least a 5 micron gap between the apex of the cornea and the back surface of the Orthokeratology lens if the reverse curve is designed properly to join the base curve to the alignment curve.






Corneal topography before treatment






Corneal topography three days later successfully correcting -3D of myopia.

From some of the current research it seems that the post orthoK shape causes the myopic progression stimulus to turn off.


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