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Over the years it has been my philosophy to try and purchase at least one new piece of optical equipment per year. Last year was a big year in that we introduced the Humphrey's Matrix and updated our digital imaging retinal camera. This year we have made the plunge early. After much deliberation we purchased the latest STRATUS OCT TM . Why the deliberation? Well it happens to be the most expensive gear we have purchased and parting with our hard earned money in this particular case has been difficult to justify.

This amazing piece of technology images and analyzes macular thickness, the retinal nerve fiber layer and the optic disc using the latest technology for high resolution scans. It is invaluable in diagnosing and monitoring cystoid macula oedema post cataract surgery, diabetic macula oedema, differentiating macula holes from pseudoholes. It also assists in ARMD and glaucoma. There is probably no more versatile instrument available.


Other than specialist contact lens fittings, our practice also has a special interest in ocular therapeutics. The STRATUS OCT TM will now become an integral part of our glaucoma and diabetic management. Shortly we will embark on a marketing campaign to our local GP's. Their major eye concerns are glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. I believe this unique instrumentation will give our practice further credibility and is bound to pay for itself from the increased numbers of referrals.

It has taken at least a week of playing around with the software and taking multiple scans to learn to interpret what we are now seeing. What is amazing is that it is influencing our decision making process at least 3 to 4 times per day. How did we ever do without it?



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