Michael Kors by General Optical

We recently picked up the Michael Kors frame selection from General Optical. You know that you have a hit when your staff are enthusiastic about the product and then buy it for themselves. I can assure it doesn't happen often.

The NightMove Orthokeratology series from Gelflex
OrthoK has made great advances recently since it was approved by the FDA. This system allows most optometrists to perform this procedure successfully.

Etnia Barcelona Frame Range from General Optical

This new frame range is by far the most colourful line that we have introduced. It's success was instant. We believe that it helps us differentiate our dispensary and patients perceive that our selection is excellent.

GDxVCC (Glaucoma Diagnostic Device) Nerve Fibre Layer Analyser from Zeiss Instruments

Recently we made a head to head comparison of this instrument with the StratusOCT.  If you are not in the market for one of these instruments currently you might want to rethink your position.


This solution has been shown to have less toxicity on the cornea.  For me though its the antibacterial case that is the winner.


Patients expect that multifocals will have many limitations in use.  Imagine their surprise when they are delivered and it gives them the best vision they have ever had.  This product truly makes an impression!

CIBA Vision O2Optix
CIBA Vision's unique O 2 OPTIX material, lotrafilcon B, contains 33 per cent water, with a permanent surface treatment to assure wettability for for comfort and a surface that is resistant to deposits.

Time for some big hurt! The most expensive piece of gear we've ever contemplated buying... now we're asking, how did we ever get by without it!

Silicon Hydrogels
A major paradigm shift for contact lens fitting. Silicon Hydrogels are now readily available to assist us in gaining a marketing edge with our client base!

Zeiss-Humphrey Matrix
Can't decide whether or not to throw some money at a new field analyser?
We've been there! Here's how we went about making the right decision for our business.