Procedures Outside Medicare

It is no longer a grey area to charge outside the scope of Medicare for high tech instruments such as:

StratusOCT, GDx or Digital photography of the optic nerve. Investing and charging for this technology is imperative for business growth.

Invest in IT
This is a must! Sophisticated IT is essential for any business growth. We now see more patients in half the time.

Invest in Technology
Differentiating your practice in the optical marketplace becomes a whole lot easier when you have wizz bang instruments. They pay for themseleves and it's fun to come to work.

Delegate Responsibility
A lot of the staff headaches become more manageable when they are trusted with responsible activity.  Your life also becomes a lot easier!

Schedule Management Time
Put it in your diary today.  Start with half a day today.  The usual excuse is I can't afford the time.  The reality is you cannot afford not to.

Prescribe Specialty Products
Where possible choose speciality products. This applies to spectacle lenses and contact lenses. Patients will choose to stay with your practice if they perceive they are not buying commodities from you.

Contact Lenses are Profitable The tip here is to keep upgrading your patients to newer and better lenses, as soon as they are available. They will look forward to seeing you every year to find out what's new.

Internal Marketing
Are you collecting email addresses from all your patients? Do you have at least a quarterly newsletter that promotes you and your practice? If not you are missing a huge opportunity.

Pre Appoint Future Consultations

This an extremely powerful tool. You must have computerised practice management software with a linked appointment book.  Your recall success will rise from 25% to 70%.