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Jim Kokkinakis
Graduated UNSW 1982 and Fellow of American Academy of Optometry 1992. University lecturer and supervisor at both an undergraduate and post graduate level.

From 1996 to 2003, he was an Optometrical Consultant and Optometrical Educator for the The Eye Institute. This centre has performed the most Laser Vision Corrections in Australia and 10% of the ongoing yearly corneal transplants.

Jim's role here was to educate optometrists on preliminary assessment and aftercare of patients, who have had laser vision correction, in particular LASIK.

Jim's main clinical interests are in prescribing and fitting contact lenses to irregular corneal topography, preliminary and aftercare management of laser vision correction, detection and appropriate referral of ocular disease. Assessing and managing patients with problems related to computer use is also a significant part of the practice. Kokkinakis Consultants evolved from an interest in creating efficient procedures to make clinical life more enjoyable.

Nicole Kokkinakis
Nicole has been in sales for most of her working life since 1984. Selling pieces of jewellery for $20,000 was the norm. She also spent a number of years in accounts receivable for a major freight forwarding company.

Nicole joined Jim in 1998. Her immediate observations of the optical industry were "If someone will happily spend $20,000 on a bracelet, why would they not spend $1,000 on a frame that will be seen well before the bracelet".

Her role developed into practice manager and now Nicole spends 3 days a week training staff, developing marketing strategies, documenting and implementing procedures for The Eye Practice.


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